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Liberty Hill Bakery & Cafe

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About the Brand:

Liberty Hill Bakery & Cafe was located in Liberty Hill, Texas. We opened the establishment in August 2016 with a breakfast, lunch, and dinner menu and a partner. Although the partner situation didn't work out as we originally hoped, the cafe was successful for a year until we bought him out and rebranded as Malted Grains

The Challenge:

Liberty Hill Bakery & Cafe was in an empty building without a kitchen. Equipment, seating, POS, kitchen design, customer experience, and everything in between must be purchased and established. The facility had bathrooms and a closet when we arrived. And we had a shoestring budget but big dreams. On day four of being open, the City tore up our sidewalks, and it appeared we were closed. We had struggles: the City's downtown renovations, water lines, equipment breaking, staff issues, and exhaustion.

Our first open day started slow but quickly became packed and overwhelming. Most of the staff wanted to run, including us. But we all stayed and even showed up the following day and the next. Our Facebook page hit 500 likes before we opened. We persevered, changed when we needed to, and grew our brand. 


  • Business Credo

  • Brand Strategy

  • Brand Strategy

  • Visual Identity

  • Food Cooking & Consistency

  • Inventory Management

  • Vendor Management

  • FoH Manager & Staff

  • Catering Services

  • Print Materials

  • Menu Development & Design

  • Website Design & Copy

  • Print Materials

  • Labeling & Signs

  • Social Media Management


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