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Malted Grains

Malted Grains collage

About the Brand:

Malted Grains was located in Liberty Hill, Texas. We were the owners and operators until February 2022, when we sold the business to pursue our next opportunity. The restaurant opened with beer and wine as a breakfast, lunch, and dinner establishment. Due to the pandemic, we adapted and settled into lunch only with take-out meals. We both worked at the restaurant full-time in addition to the deliverables below.

The Challenge:

Malted Grains rebranded after buying out our previous partner at Liberty Hill Bakery & Cafe. We wanted to start fresh with beer, wine, a new menu, and a different ambiance. We rebranded in 2017. During COVID-19, we pivoted and adapted to survive, which became our new business model. Through all of the change, we never lost sight of the most important aspect: our community.

Our business not only survived but thrived with the changes. We closed an extra day of the week, had shorter hours, and increased our profit margin. We learned that businesses have to change with the times, and although this circumstance was highly unusual, we still believe a restaurant and bar need to implement new ideas and concepts to stay fresh and relevant.


  • Business Credo

  • Brand Strategy

  • Brand Strategy

  • Visual Identity

  • Food Cooking & Consistency

  • Inventory Management

  • Vendor Management

  • FoH Manager & Staff

  • Print Materials

  • Menu Development & Design

  • Website Design & Copy

  • Online Ordering

  • Print Materials

  • Labeling & Signs

  • Social Media Management

  • Email Banner

  • Email Templates

  • Concept Transition

  • Brand Transition Strategy

  • Events & Community Involvement

  • Catering Services


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