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The Other Day is comprised of two individuals with a passion for the food and beverage industry. It began as a simple love affair that has transformed into helping others succeed with the right branding, concept, and strategy. 







Hello! I started The Other Day with the hopes of helping businesses understand the need for brand and marketing, the importance of recognition, and receptiveness. Your brand, image, and product make your business, and I am here to help with brand and message consistency to improve your overall presence with your target audience. We can do anything we set out to do. The possibilities are endless; if we get out of our way, we can accomplish great things. 


My journey in marketing began before the advent of social media, honing my skills in creating websites, newsletters, and email campaigns for trade associations and corporations. I got out of my way in 2018 when I took a leap of faith and opened The Other Day, a marketing firm helping business owners understand the importance of consistent branding and effective marketing. My expertise spans design and brand management, with a background in successful campaign execution through various marketing channels, including email marketing, social media, and print. 


With The Other Day, you will receive a free consultation to discuss your specific needs. Web, social, digital, print - we can help you decide what tracks to take, when, and how. We will show you the right tools to use to plan and execute. Let us help you with the marketing needs to help get your business where you want it. You know your business. We know how to take the load off so you can concentrate on what you do best. 


As marketing continues to evolve, the timeless principles of honesty and transparency remain constant. I believe in the power of authentic communication, compelling storytelling, and strategic messaging to engage each target audience. Outside work, my passions include savoring quality cuisine, planning fun and exciting trips, and dreaming of future prosperity.

According to him: I’m Mike Biggs. What else is there to know? 


According to Melissa: Michael Biggs is a veteran of over 25 years in the food and culinary industry. He discovered his passion for hospitality in high school. The work program placed him in a local Arlington, Texas, hotel where Michael found his natural talent and love in the kitchen. After eight years and honing his skills in the hotel industry, he moved to corporate dining, quickly becoming the Executive Chef, managing multiple accounts in a leadership role. He gained a deep knowledge of the culinary arts, including mastery of various cooking techniques, familiarity with diverse cuisines, and the ability to create innovative and appealing dishes. 


Michael also has a strong business understanding of cost control, budgeting, inventory, and menu pricing. Learning from him and executing these skills helps ensure profitability and efficient utilization of resources while maintaining high-quality culinary offerings. He has a strange ability to analyze market trends, anticipate customer preferences and adapt to changing dietary needs. Michael has a distinctive culinary style and loves to showcase his creativity in menu development.


Michael decided to take a chance and open his restaurant in Liberty Hill, north of Austin. He applied the same passion for food, design, and kitchen-savvy he had become known for and opened the doors of his beloved eatery. His remarkable ability to adapt to the changing landscape of his business helped him and his restaurant survive the Covid pandemic, leading him into semi-retirement, where he now strives to help other restaurateurs succeed in their culinary endeavors. Of course, with the help of Melissa and his quirky sense of humor, he gained the respect and love of the small-town, big-heart community.


Michael is a man with a love for food and a passion for helping other restaurant owners succeed. When he isn’t busy with work or Melissa, he enjoys fishing, hunting, and trying new restaurants, foods, and cuisines.