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What We Do

We are a creative firm ~ first and foremost ~ that just so happens to have a strong passion for the food and beverage industry. 

Start Up or Need a Refresh? Small Business? Solopreneur? Entrepreneur?

We got you. Let's do this. 

Papers showing a creative process for a kitchen design.


  • Industry Specific Designs

  • E-Commerce

  • Events | Calendars

  • Online Ordering

  • Apps

  • Blogs

  • Mobile Friendly

  • SEO Optimization


  • Logo Designs

  • Business Cards

  • Social Media Covers

  • Templates

  • Letterhead

  • Strategy

  • Identity | Style Guides

  • Content | Blogs | Newsletters

  • Ideal Customer Profiles


  • Brand Identity

  • Restaurant Consulting

  • Web Design

  • Restaurant Turnkey


  • Menus 

  • Postcards | Brochures

  • Pricing Guides

  • Programs

  • Planners

  • Decks 

  • Presentations

  • Ads, Magazines, Catalogs

Your marketing materials are your silent ambassadors - let's make sure they say what you want.

Get FREE Stuff!

Marketing Analysis: We'll review your website and two social channels to provide recommendations on improving your brand awareness.

Purchasing Analysis: We'll review your menu, suppliers, and vendors and provide recommendations on improving your overall profit margin.

Quote: Get a quote on your project. Design work. Restaurant talk. 

Consultation: Ready to make your restaurant dream a reality? Or do you want to make sure you have it all together? Schedule time with us, and let's meet. We promise we're pretty easy people to talk to. 

Melissa looking at the camera with her laptop.

Choose one or more:

Choose one or all
  • We don't hold you hostage. We provide all the materials, files, and forms needed to run your business effectively.

    We are honest and genuine and really want to help you succeed. Being a business owner is tough and can feel lonely. If we can provide guidance, alleviate worries, and help ease the frustrations, that will make us happy for a long time.

  • We are a design firm and can create print and digital media and files. Menus, templates, flyers, cards, planners, resumes, social platforms, posts, the list goes on. If you prefer to use Canva, we can help you easily import your brand so you can create images and marketing materials and even teach you how to use it.

    We offer restaurant consulting services. Anything from new concepts and ideas to menu options and ambiance. We can guide you in hiring staff, vendors, events, and community involvement. We can offer advice on food, inventory, cooking, and plating. We've been in the industry for years with corporate dining to owning our cafe.

    We also offer marketing advice and consulting. 

  • After you complete a simple questionnaire, we will visit with you about your site. We start with a sketch or framework of what you are looking for and what you want/need. We suggest a platform once we determine what you'd like the site to do and the functions needed. 


    Then, we start creating. We consider content, imagery, photography, and user flow. The process takes as long as we need, but your deadline is on our minds. We stay in communication along the way and as needed. 

  • After you reach out, we will set up a time to connect and discuss your logo. We have a few packages that will dictate a few things, but we know your logo is the cornerstone of your business.


    We don't take the process lightly. We are tickled that you chose us to create this important piece of your business.

    We love to see your ideas, likes, and dislikes through imagery, color, and fonts. This will help us create the best design for you.

  • Absolutely.


    However, we strongly believe you are the subject matter expert, and the material should come from you and your sales team. We will assist you with a strategy that includes the media type, timeline, ideas, and topics. We also take what you prepare and edit, format, and design it to ensure the message is clear and aligns with your brand and voice. Read more on our Services page.

  • We can provide a monthly social media calendar with planned ideas and content. We can also provide templates for you to update and personalize.


    You are the subject matter expert, and we feel it is best for any brand to portray themselves when on social media.

  • Yes. 


    After we discuss your needs, we will provide you with a full proposal and our turnaround times and expectations for all parties.

  • Of course, and first-class every time! 

    Seriously, if you're business is located somewhere outside of our driving range, we will travel. We feel it's important to see your place, especially a restaurant, first hand so we can provide you the proper guidance.


You learn a lot about someone when
you share a meal together.

~ Anthony Bourdain

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