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Dealing with a Bad Customer

Hey there, foodie friends and curious readers! It's Chef Biggs here, bringing you another slice of life from my culinary adventures. This time, I'm sharing a tale from a bustling Sunday brunch that, well, turned into a bit of a hamburger standoff. Grab your cup of coffee and settle in; this is a story you won't want to miss!

It was your typical Sunday at our little gem of a restaurant. The aroma of freshly brewed coffee mingled with the sizzling sounds from the kitchen. Every seat was filled – a testament to our beloved patrons' appetite for our brunch specials. Amidst this busy backdrop, our phone rang with a take-out order – a simple hamburger, or so we thought.

Malted Grains Burger with Homefries

The gentleman who placed the order decided to swing by just five minutes later, eager for his meal. Our server, ever so polite, explained when he called that the wait time was 30 to 45 minutes, given the packed house. But our friend wasn't too thrilled with this reality check. He demanded to speak to the manager or "person in charge" - someone with more power than our server.

So, out I went to meet him, only to be greeted with a rather blunt demand for his hamburger. "Patience is a virtue," I thought to myself, explaining our first-come, first-serve policy. But our customer was ever so busy, and my response didn't quite hit the mark.

The tension escalated, words were exchanged, and there I was, a Chef turned peacemaker, trying to uphold the sanctity of our dining experience. After he rudely and dismissively ordered me to "just go cook my burger. You're a cook. Now go cook." my hand met the table with a thud just out of sheer disrespect and frustration. I again echoed my stance: "Sir, we take care of our customers in order. If you'd like to go ahead and pay for your order, we'll have it out shortly."

Our guest, unimpressed and unwilling to prepay, was then asked to leave. As he walked out, a hush fell over the restaurant. I could feel the collective gaze of our patrons, all wondering how to react. Then I heard a "yeah!" from the background and a few claps, and as I returned to the kitchen, our guests were again enjoying their meals.

In retrospect, was I too harsh? Perhaps. But in the heat of the moment, preserving the harmony of our restaurant space was paramount. Not every customer fits the fabric of our establishment, and that's okay. We stand by our values, our team, and our commitment to a respectful dining experience.

So, there you have it, folks – a day in the life of a Chef and business owner isn't just about creating delicious dishes; it's about navigating the rich tapestry of human interactions, one hamburger order at a time!

Until next time, keep savoring the good stuff!

Chef Biggs

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